What is your wish for America’s future?

Nearly 250 years ago, the United States started as an epic experiment—one that’s still going. While we may picture the architects of our nation as esteemed leaders in powdered wigs and frilly shirts, the spirit of the revolution was more rebel startup than stuffy law firm – and the effort involved everyone from struggling farmers to urban workers and enslaved people. They risked everything to escape tyranny and create new possibilities. They didn’t always agree, and they didn’t have it all figured out. Today, our democracy has lasted longer than any other nation’s, but in many ways, we haven’t yet reached our potential. It’s up to us to live up to our bold, founding ideals. The good news: Every single day, we get a chance to shape history—to share our visions, our hopes, and our wishes for the next 250 years. What role will you play?

Inspire others with your wish for the future of the United States.

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My Wish for U.S.

America 250’s official recognition of “My Wish For U.S.” acknowledges the program as an expression of the America 250 vision to inspire the American spirit.